There is more than one effective technique when it comes to fly fishing trout in lakes. Which is more effective is debatable. Which is more enjoyable, well, that  is a matter of preference. Trolling is like wearing my camouflage hunting clothes to the mall. It is just something I don’t do for a variety of reasons. The main reason I do not troll, however, is because it does not fit into what my idea of guiding is about. My only exception to this personal rule is when it comes to walleyes… Another topic altogether best reserved for a blog in June. When I first becameRead More →

Twenty five years ago I found Fly Fishing and it changed my life. I was home for the weekend from junior college and walked into a fly shop that someone told me about on Erie Boulevard.  I was skeptical. Until that point, I had relied upon bait, spinners, and plugs to land trout on the local creeks and lakes, and thought of the ultra-light spin casting tackle I grew up with as refined. I did not buy a thing on that first visit, but became obsessed with the whole idea of fly fishing. And the man with the handlebar mustache and stubble beard tying flies in the way backRead More →