The other day a guest of mine, who was in the Adirondacks visiting, mentioned how he missed the change of seasons. Arizona is where he has been for the last 20 years. But he is from Albany. That comment made me think about living in a world without the change of seasons. With all my years spent in the northeast, I found it hard to grasp the idea of living in a place where everyday of the year was damn near the same. Living in a state of constant sameness could make a lazy man even lazier? No grass to mow in summer or leavesRead More →

An eighty two year old man finds the strength and energy to get out of bed on a cold and snowy December morning to deer hunt with his grandson. In the dark he makes his way a few hundred yards across the field and finds his way to the blind. At first light two doe can be seen feeding out in front of them. His Grandson watches and covers his ears as his Grandfather’s muzzleloader explodes and the doe falls. It is a clean harvest. And a wonderful memory for Grandfather and Grandson to share for the rest of their lives. It did not needRead More →

Twenty five years ago I found Fly Fishing and it changed my life. I was home for the weekend from junior college and walked into a fly shop that someone told me about on Erie Boulevard.  I was skeptical. Until that point, I had relied upon bait, spinners, and plugs to land trout on the local creeks and lakes, and thought of the ultra-light spin casting tackle I grew up with as refined. I did not buy a thing on that first visit, but became obsessed with the whole idea of fly fishing. And the man with the handlebar mustache and stubble beard tying flies in the way backRead More →

Sunday morning dawned cold and clear after a strong front pushed by 30 mph winds passed in the night. The temperature at launch on Oneida at 0700 hrs Sunday was -22. The high temp for the day was -5. But the boys were game and we launched. And we fished. Crystal clear and cold. The fish were tough…they were below us, but most would not bite. We iced a few with persistence and patience. And we all enjoyed the challenge. A safe, enjoyable, and decent adventure on the ice for Aiden, Trevor, James and Matt. Thanks guys…I appreciated your focus, your patience, and your goodRead More →

The water in the trout lakes is the perfect temperature for great fishing….only a couple more trips before the Grey Ghost 2 hibernates in the barn through the winter. Time to get ice gear together…maybe get serious about deer and duck hunting in the interim. I have to post a pic of a bruiser buck rainbow that toar u p the lake but was brought to the net skillfully by Jeff the Carpenter…and repost the pic of the slob hen rainbow I caught. These two fish were my personal highlights of the 2015 Autumn season. Both were released to fight again another day. Peace Mike CrawfordRead More →

image new york lake

Another year comes to a close. Autumn transitions slow this year into winter. And we reflect. Kids are looking forward to the things Christmas brings. For us parents, us adults, we tend to look back, reminisce on another year past, grateful for the family and friends we still have with us, excited to spend time with each of them. Happy memories, of those we have lost, drift through our thoughts as we celebrate life this Christmas. Now is the season that brings out the best in us I like to think. Makes us kinder, gentler, humbler. I would like to thank all of those whoRead More →