Another year comes to a close.

image new york lake

image new york lake Another year comes to a close. Autumn transitions slow this year into winter. And we reflect.

Kids are looking forward to the things Christmas brings. For us parents, us adults, we tend to look back, reminisce on another year past, grateful for the family and friends we still have with us, excited to spend time with each of them.

Happy memories, of those we have lost, drift through our thoughts as we celebrate life this Christmas.

Now is the season that brings out the best in us I like to think. Makes us kinder, gentler, humbler.

I would like to thank all of those who spent time on the water with me. Especially, to my family and friends who always found the fun and humor in my antics.

Who laughed with me, at me, and agreed with my concocted excuses when the fish did not bite, when the birds did not fly.

I hope the holidays find you smiling, laughing, and loving those around you.


Mike Crawford

Professional Fishing Guide