Whitetail Hunting

Relying upon over 30 years of whitetail hunting experience UGS provides hands-on in-the-field instruction to novice and beginners. The fair chase of whitetail deer with bow and long arm is an exciting and rewarding  pursuit!

UGS provides expert instruction and guidance for individuals seeking to harvest this challenging and abundant game species.

UGS leased farmlands have healthy whitetail populations and provide a safe and private environment for hunting instruction.

With detailed, one-on-one instruction, UGS guides will share their knowledge and skills to help you understand the world of the whitetail deer and become effective at harvesting this species.

UGS guides will provide instruction on the safe and proper use of sporting arms and archery equipment and show you how to field dress and self-butcher whitetail deer.

Professional and experienced UGS guides will show you how to enjoy the world of whitetail deer hunting in a responsible manner. Safety and ethics play a large role in whitetail hunting.

Every deer shot fair chase and recovered is a trophy.

Please call for more detailed information.