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Winters Grip Weakens

  Longer days and strengthening sunshine evaporates the snow on the hillsides and warms the rocks along the lakeshore. The lake ice, built thick in layers from the winter weeks of bitter cold, separates from the shoreline more each day. Most of the ice anglers have put their sleds in the rafters and hung their pack

Ice Fishing Safety

There exists no fish worth risking ones life for. It is assumed by many that anytime an angler walks on to a frozen lake that he or she is risking their life. That is not true. Lakes, ponds and bays covered with five or more inches of uniform ice are safe

The Gear Guru? Not-So-Much.

The business of hunting and fishing equipment has morphed into a “big box” experience run buy corporations. While 25 years ago, the local sporting goods store or hardware store had a limited supply and selection, most of the stuff on the shelves was reliable. Made in the USA. Today… Not-so-much. The corporate buy-out of

Big Mean Fall Brown Trout

The transition from summer to fall brings changes.  Some are welcome, while others are not.  Leaves change, air temperatures drop, and daylight dwindles.  Salmon swim frantically upstream to pass on their lineage.  Waterfowl start swinging south and deer lock and rattle antlers. One frequently overlooked change in fall is the