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Welcome to Upstate Guide Service Inc

The best days of the year for the avid angler and waterfowler are here!

Upstate Guide Service Inc. is a full-time licensed and insured professional guide service specializing in fly fishing, light tackle, ice fishing and waterfowling on the lakes, streams and rivers of Upstate New York.  Learn techniques you can take home with you while catching beautiful fish or bagging a few birds!  For over a decade Upstate Guide Service Inc. has been providing safe, enjoyable and successful angling and waterfowling adventures!

Make the most of your valuable vacation time and hire a professional guide!

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Technical Fly Fishing — “Threading The Needle”

In Leon Chandlers’ boyhood he fished the same waters that I do today. I imagine him a teen with a fly rod in his hand roll casting a hand-tied callibaetis at dimpling browns. He was most likely fishing a nightcrawler at that age. The reason I fly fish the boyhood home

Finesse Fishing Summertime Smallmouth

When the water warms and the trout retreat to the thermocline and below, I turn the attention of my guide service to smallmouth bass. Many of the Finger Lakes, Oneida Lake, the St. Lawrence

Big Spring Lakers

May was the month for Lake Trout for Upstate Guide Service. This blog showcases a few pics of some of the finer specimens brought to net and released on board The Grey Ghost 2 this past month. All fish were caught on medium fast action spinning rods and 10# test

Backcountry Brook Trout

The first brook trout I caught was over thirty years ago. My Dad left me on the bank of a swollen Spring trout river on the Tug Hill with a can of worms, some hooks and split-shot, and instructions to not fall in or wander off. Perched high above a